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Escrow and Closing Costs

So you’ve accepted an offer from an eager buyer, but the check was given to the buyer’s agent, your agent, or an attorney to be held in escrow – a state of protective custody by a neutral third party.

Anything can be placed in escrow. Say, for example, you’ve put up a valuable painting for sale, and a buyer makes a $100,000 offer accompanied by a $50,000 check as a deposit. The buyer wouldn’t want us to deposit that check until the painting is authenticated, and you wouldn’t want the buyer to take ownership of the painting until you’ve received the balance due. It could be wise to hire an escrow agent to hold on to the deposit, verify all the paperwork, and see that the correct amount of money is deposited into your account.

So while being “held in escrow” sounds ominous, it’s really just like having something being held in protective custody.